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Service with Scholarship and Integrity

Chivalry LLC is a law firm in Denver, Colorado, dedicated to providing quality civil litigation and trial services with scholarship and integrity, mirroring attorney Jason C. Kennedy's commitment to legal ethics.

About Chivalry LLC

Arapaho National Forest

Arapaho National Forest

Public Service

Chivalry, LLC is dedicated to public service. The background image used in this website is a picture of one of the Colorado Court of Appeals courtrooms in the Ralph J. Carr Judicial Center, which was dedicated by U.S. Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor on May 2, 2013. That picture was selected for use on this website not to suggest that Chivalry, LLC is affiliated with or has undue influence over Colorado's judiciary, but rather as representative of Chivalry, LLC's approach to the practice of law, which is centered around providing nuanced and articulate counsel to courts. Chivalry, LLC advances legal positions by thinking and arguing about how society should objectively be structured. By harmonizing its clients' positions with social order, Chivalry, LLC persuasively advances its clients' positions. Further, Chivalry, LLC brings credibility to its clients' positions by providing articulate counsel to the courts regarding the nuanced issues of the case. Chivalry, LLC does not use strong arm tactics and defuses such efforts by opposing parties by bringing a soft, reasoned, and articulate voice to counsel the courts. This approach to the practice of law is itself an important form of public service.

Trust & Communication

The attorney-client relationship is built on trust, and Chivalry, LLC promises all of its clients that it will do its best to live up to the trust that they place in the firm. Some of the most common complaints received by Office of Attorney Regulation at the Colorado Supreme Court center around the concept that lawyers failed to keep their clients appraised of how their cases evolved. Chivalry, LLC, promises to diligently communicate with all clients, responding to queries as soon as reasonably practical. Further, Chivalry, LLC keeps clients appraised of the work being performed in their cases, the purpose of the work, and developments in the case.  


Chivalry, LLC understands that every situation requires a unique legal solution, and that an important part of crafting that solution is making legal services economical. Therefore, the firm negotiates its fees and retainers with its clients after listening to their concerns and objectives.  Chivalry, LLC is proud to entertain and thoughtfully consider fee and retainer proposals from prospective clients.